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About Me

I am a purpose drive corporate healthcare professional and entrepreneur who is deeply passionate about driving equitable access to people, places, platforms and resources for vulnerable and historically marginalized groups to achieve their full potential. My passion for this is driven from a personal place, stemming from my upbringing in my country of birth Zimbabwe having experienced and witnessed injustice myself.

My career portfolio spans healthcare, education access and storytelling and I have lived and worked in 8 countries on 3 continents to date. 

 Born in Zimbabwe, I lived most of my adult life in midwest America and I am currently based in the Netherlands.  

 When I am not occupied with equity focused projects, I like to watch football, read, travel and write.

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Corporate healthcare professional

I am passionate about healthcare access equity and I am building myself into a strategy and thought leader in driving inclusive innovation and improving hoe especially vulnerable population access and and experience healthcare. My experience in the healthcare industries spans healthcare sectors(science, policy, business), geographies( 8 countries) and functions( strategy, marketing, business development, communications).

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BsquaredC Podcast reviews

Word on the streets about BsquaredC podcast

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"Nancy I really love listening to your podcasts. This is truly a great platform to share the voices of black women in corporate and often the younger/mid career voices often overlooked. There are so many nuggets of wisdom and points of reflection you raise in each conversation as well as your follow up analysis. A great approach we should all implement to dig deeper into the topics as we figure out our own paths. Your vulnerability to share your journey through these podcasts with listeners also serves as an inspiration. Thank you!"


BsquaredC Advisory

Read what past clients thought of my MBA admissions coaching services

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Akintunde- Yale SOM '19

I had been planning for Business School for about a year before I met Nancy. She was really patient and thorough with me, never mincing words on feedback as she guided me through every step of the process from the GMAT all the way to school selection. She also used her vast network to connect me to people in the different schools I was applying to, which helped in school research as well as in my decision to attend Yale. In the few months she guided me, I made a hundred thousand the progress I made while at it alone.


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