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Speaker, moderator, panelist and podcast guest

Are you looking for a dynamic and passionate speaker to inspire you community? Are you looking for a  great moderator and panelist to bring diverse perspectives to your conversations? Then you have come to the right place!

I am always excited to share my stories from my extensive life experiences as a multi hyphenate globe trotter,  entrepreneur and healthcare technology professional. 

Speaker: Services

My expertise

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Entrepreneurship

Founder of 3 equity focused platforms in the last decade


Founder of the largest Employee Resource Group at my company in the last 5 years


Writer and podcast host of BsquaredC  podcast with over 5k downloads to date

Personal and professional development

MBA application and career transition coach for minorities with a lot of success stories

Healthcare equity

Corporate healthcare professional who has lived and worked in over 8 countries carving out a career in health equity

Education access

An alumni of the Africa Education Matters program and graduate school application coach for minorities with a lot of success stories

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Speaker: Testimonials

"Nancy is a high- energy inspirational individual who is able to continuously portray her drive through action. Her talk showed different expats of her expatriate adventures. She tells stories with a level of realism and vulnerability that feels like a breathe of fresh air!"

Talk: Living and working in 8 countries over 12 years, what have I learnt?

Organization: Global Is

Nancy always manages to engage her audience with her spirit-lifting stories, her own laughters and the occasional dramatic gestures. Beyond all those her sincerity and humility towards other cultures, and a love for life that never seems to fade leads you to empathize and lighten up when she speaks.

Talk: Would you like to dance?

Organization: Female Ventures

Nancy's story was sharp, funny and yet honest and vulnerable. She generously interacted with the audience, which gave everyone in the room a super-powered boost of inspiration, hope and comfort. Nancy is the real deal and she truly shows up.

Talk and panelist: #BTPUnpacks Black love stories in film

Organization: Biljmer Theatre

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