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BsquaredC Media

Amplifying inspirational stories and experiences of ambitious black women in the corporate world

Tune in bi-weekly to BsquaredC podcast to be inspired by the stories of badass black women including how they are carving out their path to leadership, despite systemic challenges such as racism, sexism, impostor syndrome and unconscious bias.These women are black and badass and they are changing the face of leadership in their predominantly white and male corporate spaces.

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Why BsquaredC

I have always dreamt big in spite of my circumstances. 

My first ever career dream was to win a Nobel prize for finding the cure for AIDS. This dream has since evolved and I now hold strong ambitions for leadership in the corporate world. The journey has been taxing already, but I am BsquaredC: BLACK, BADASS and CORPORATE, and here to stay. BsquaredC is an endeavor to tell my story and those of others like me, and here are some more reasons why this is important.

In the US, women of color represented only 4% of C-Level positions, falling far below white men (68 %) and white women (19%).

2018 Harvard Business Review study

Black women leaders are more ambitious but face greater barriers to advancement

2022  McKinsey and Lean-in study Women in the Workplace

60% of professionals of color feel they must be on guard to protect against racial and gender bias in the work place.

2018 Catalyst study

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BsquaredC Podcast : Testimonials

Podcast reviews

Word on the streets about BsquaredC podcast

BsquaredC Podcast : Testimonials
BsquaredC podcast_edited.jpg

"Nancy I really love listening to your podcasts. This is truly a great platform to share the voices of black women in corporate and often the younger/mid career voices often overlooked. There are so many nuggets of wisdom and points of reflection you raise in each conversation as well as your follow up analysis. A great approach we should all implement to dig deeper into the topics as we figure out our own paths. Your vulnerability to share your journey through these podcasts with listeners also serves as an inspiration. Thank you!"

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